FACA - Fern Acres Community Association

The Fern Acres Community Association was formed in 1967 to protect and promote the best interest of the property owners and residents. In addition the purpose of the Association is to promote and encourage a better community and civic spirit among and to foster good will and friendship between all of its residents. Over the years the Association has worked tirelessly to improve and maintain the quality of life and property values for all those living in our community. The Association has a charter and a set of bylaws that govern its operation. There is a board of directors which is elected periodically by its members to manage the Association.

In the pages that follow you can find just about anything you'd like to know about Fern Acres, beginning with the historical documents recounting the early days when our subdivision was called Crescent Acres. We provide a short history of the community.  There are location maps and driving instructions to Fern Acres. Here you can read the Charter and Bylaws of the Association, find out who is on the Board of Directors, read their latest Board Meeting Agendas and much more.

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